I am really excited about our topic this term: walls and barricades as it spans both the Spring terms and explores different aspects of the curriculum such as history, geography, social studies and religion.  In this topic, we will look at the sites of important barricades built through history, from the Great Wall of China to the Berlin wall, and understand the reasons behind their construction and, often, their destruction.  We will also look at the structure of different types of castles.  The second part of our topic (term 4) will look more closely at the social and political barriers faced be people through history and study the lives of significant activists: William Wilberforce, Emmeline Pankhurst, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai.  We will look at what life was like for these people and how they helped to bring about change.  The topic will culminate in a Human Rights Day, where children may experience, in a small way, injustices and unfairness and explore their feelings when their ‘rights’ are taken away.

Our science topic this term is Forces and follows on well from the work covered in Earth and Space last term.  As with our topic, this will span two terms as we have a lot to cover.  We will be looking at different types of forces and carrying out investigations to measure air resistance, water resistance and friction.  We will also look at how gears and levers can be used and we will make an electric-powered vehicle using the knowledge gained throughout the unit to improve its power and drive.

You can more about the learning we have planned in the weeks ahead in our Newsletter.


Technology is used extensively throughout the school. It is important for children to be aware of the dangers posed by the Internet and mobile technologies. Wenhave collected some websites that have information to help children stay safe.

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