Leadership Team

Mrs C Collett - Executive Head, Reserved Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Hutchinson - Head of School, Senco, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Kirkstead Class (Reception)

Mrs M Nicholson – Teacher
Mrs T Allitt- TA

Tintern Class (Year 1)

Mrs S Lacey – Teacher
Miss F Haines - TA
Mrs Lauren Pick - 1-1 TA
Mrs L Hamilton -1-1 TA

Crowland Class (Year 1/2)

Miss T Parr – Teacher
Mr N Mountain – TA

Westminster Class (Year 2)

Ms L Suddards-Street – Teacher
Mrs E Kemp – TA

Fountains Class (Year 3)

Mrs H Ager – Teacher
Miss Jo Wilkin – Teacher
Mr L Edwards – TA

Lindisfarne Class (Year 3/4)

Mr P Gilbert - Teacher
Mrs S Brookes – 1:1 TA
Mrs G Chinery – 1-1 TA
Miss J Rogers – TA

Sempringham Class (Year 4/5)

Mrs L Done - Teacher
Miss K Beck
- Teacher
Miss C Bateman – 1-1 TA
Miss H Dunbavand - 1-1 TA

Kelso Class (Year 5/6)

Mr A Cook - Teacher
Mrs H Chitty – TA
Mrs L Slater – 1-1 TA
Mrs K Pick – 1-1 TA

Ramsey Class (Year 6)

Miss H Ratcliff - Teacher
Miss B Collier - 1-1 TA
Mrs K McNicol - 1-1 TA
Miss J Rogers -TA

Classroom support staff

Mrs S Clare - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Mountain - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Darici - Behaviour Improvement Mentor/Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs E Woods - School Business Manager

Mrs J Moore - School Administrator (Mon – Thurs)

Mrs J Crawford - School Administrator (Tues – Fri)

Mrs B Hasler - Clerk to Governors

Premises Staff

Mr S Shaw - Caretaker

Mrs D Donders - Cleaner


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs E Kemp - Breakfast Club Supervisor

Miss F Haines - Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs H Chitty - Breakfast Club Assistant
Mr W Grimwood - Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs L Pick
- Breakfast Club Assistant

Midday Staff

Miss J Howarth - Midday Supervisor

Miss G Abercrombie - Midday Assistant
Miss F Haines - Midday Assistant
Mr W Grimwood - Midday Assistant
Mrs K Pick - Midday Assistant
Miss C Trafford -
Midday Assistant
Miss L English
- Midday Assistant

Reserved Teachers

Where the number of teachers at a foundation or voluntary-controlled school with a religious character is more than two, the teachers must include persons who are selected for their fitness and competence to teach religious education in accordance with the school’s trust deed or with the tenets of the school’s religion and are specifically appointed to do so. These are known as ‘reserved teachers’. The number of reserved teachers must not exceed one fifth of the total number of teachers including the head teacher. The head teacher can be selected on these grounds but must count towards the one fifth quota.

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