School begins at 9.00am.

Children should not arrive at school until after 8.45am. Children arriving later than 9.05 am must use the main entrance to be admitted.

KS1 and Reception

Children and parents access the school to the left of the main entrance.


Children and parents access the school through the steel gates to the right of the main entrance.


School ends at 3.15pm.

If you need to change your child’s arrangements for travelling home please let us know by letter or phone call.

KS1 and Reception

At 3.10, KS1 school gates are unlocked and parents/ carers are invited to collect their child from their classroom.


At 3.15 the KS2 gate will open and parents will similarly be invited into the school to collect their child.


Please contact the school as soon as possible in the morning by telephone in the case of an absence.

Absences which fall outside of those of a medical nature will need to be authorised by the headteacher.