We have some great topics this year, starting with Land Use, a geography topic where we look at similarities between Swineshead (a rural village) and Boston (an urban town).  This will include a walk round Swineshead next week, creating land use surveys, sketches and plans of the village, followed by a trip (see accompanying letter) to Boston to do the same there.

Our science topic this term is ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.  We will be looking at characteristics that are inherited and those that are due to the environment (or a combination of the two) and also studying Darwin’s theory of evolution.  In RE, we will be studying Christian beliefs about God, focusing on the Holy Trinity.  In art, we will be looking at the work of Paula Hallam and other landscape artists and trying to use the same techniques for our own landscape paintings of Swineshead. Find out more in our Class Newsletter


Technology is used extensively throughout the school. It is important for children to be aware of the dangers posed by the Internet and mobile technologies. Wenhave collected some websites that have information to help children stay safe.

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