This term our topic is called ‘Brilliant Bodies’. The children are going to have the opportunity to learn all about their
own bodies, the parts of their body, their senses as well as the importance of our main organs and skeleton. We will be
taking part in a number of different science experiments over the course of the term, one of which being all about the
effect exercise has on our bodies. In English, we will be exploring our own lives, writing an autobiography, as well as
focussing much of our learning on the story ‘Funny Bones’. The children will be re‐creating their own version of Funny
Bones, pretending that the skeletons were coming to school to scare the teachers! In topic, we will be taking part in
lots of different learning opportunities, including map making, skeleton art and how our lives are different from our
grandparent’s lives. We will also discuss the importance of caring for others in our families, particularly babies and the

You can more about the learning we have planned in the weeks ahead in our Newsletter.


Technology is used extensively throughout the school. It is important for children to be aware of the dangers posed by the Internet and mobile technologies. Wenhave collected some websites that have information to help children stay safe.

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